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48 High Street, Leicester, LE8 6LP

Accepts Tier 2 Visa

This company has confirmed the salary for this post will meet Home Office requirements for Tier 2 Visas should the successful applicant need one

Whetstone Chemist Ltd

We looking for a motivated and enthusiastic pre reg to join our friendly, village based independent pharmacy. We are offering an exciting and dynamic role that will provide a hands on experience within a supportive environment. This is an ideal opportunity to apply and further develop clinical knowledge to form the professional and communication skills required not only to successfully complete the training year but to also launch a future career.

In addition to a structured training programme throughout the 12 months, the successful trainee will also gain insight and exposure to a variety of extra services offered by the pharmacy including MURs, NMS, EHC, Flu Vaccines, Supervised methadone and buprenorphine consumption, Blood Pressure and Diabetes monitoring and Lipotrim weight loss clinic.

We will also provide external training support to ensure the candidate is ready for the year ahead and final exam.

Our employment includes: Fixed term contract for a period of 52 weeks
Competitive salary. Full-time based on a 40 hour week including 4 hours study time per week 28 days annual holiday including bank holiday.

Fully funded external Pre-registration training programme through a reputable training provider to prepare for the GPhC assessment

Staff Discount

Training and support provided by a dedicated and experienced tutor, with 12 years of pre-registration experience and 100% pre reg passed rate record.

PCT Training / Other Evening meetings.
Accredited Pre-Registration Training Course
Tier two visa applications welcome.

Candidate Profile

The ideal candidate should demonstrate:

  • a talent for communication
  • customer focus
  • planning and organising skills
  • self-drive and enthusiasm
  • the ability to solve problems
  • the ability to work as part of a team
  • a degree of commercial awareness

The Buttercups Training Pre-reg Programme

Each trainee will attend a Buttercups Pre-registration Programme of Study days during the year.

The days are designed to support your placement and help prepare you for the registration assessment.

Topics covered include:

  • New Style Calculations Questions
  • New Style Mock Registration Assessment
  • Responding to Symptoms
  • Women's Health and Childhood Ailments
  • Pharmacy Law and Ethics
  • Clinical Topics by BNF/BNFC Chapter
  • The Drug Tariff & NHS Contract
  • Elastic Support Hosiery and Trusses
  • Stomacare & Appliances
  • Dermatology & Wound Management
  • Self-awareness & Communication Skills
  • First Aid Training
  • Tutor Training
  • MUR Accreditation Assessment